Carbogang was born in 2017 from an idea of Emanuele Riccardo Costella, Sebastiano Dalsasso, Alessio Tomarelli and Alex Valle, four guys guided by the passion for the gastronomic world, eager to discover and share all of its different faces.

Emanuele: “Carbogang is a big family, our daily mission is to ensure a unique experience to each and everyone of our clients”

Sebastiano: “Carbogang is where tradition meets innovation. We want to transmit in our own way the goodness, simplicity and tradition contained in each of our dishes”

Alessio: “We are perfectionist in selecting all our products. We strive to select optimal products that highlights and celebrate a concept dear to us: QUALITY. We want to bring to your table only the best”

Alex: “Sharing a simple dish with your loved ones creates a unique atmosphere, together we all feel more at home. Cooking is an act of love"